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RFV Island

Over the years I’ve longed for connection, bonding, collaboration with other like-minded people. Despite knowing tons of people, being born into a decent sized family, being able to easily meet and get along with just about every person I encounter, I always felt alone. I desperately wanted someone who, in my terms, spoke my language.…
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In The Middle

So you’ve made the decision to take the leap, to implement change, to engage and cultivate growth in the areas of Whole Life Prosperity. At the onset you are excited about your decision, looking forward to what’s next and you’re all in. You’re taking the necessary steps to create the shift, welcoming the movement and adjusting to all the changes.
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The Other Side

Being the second oldest among my siblings has had it advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages is being a big sister and being depended on, turned out that was also a disadvantage. Well maybe not the being depended on, but what I created in mind about what that meant and should look like.…
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