Marea Michele

RFV Island

Over the years I’ve longed for connection, bonding, collaboration with other like-minded people. Despite knowing tons of people, being born into a decent sized family, being able to easily meet and get along with just about every person I encounter, I always felt alone. I desperately wanted someone who, in my terms, spoke my language. Someone I could bounce ideas off of, share my entrepreneurial thoughts, struggles and victories with, a person who was on the same growth path as me, who would make the work and journey less lonely.

So being the problem solver that I am, I set about finding that someone, I figured all I needed was one, how hard could that be? I “tried on” several people who I thought would fit the bill. Some were other entrepreneurial women who I thought spoke my language. Others were women who had the potential to learn my language, while others not only didn’t speak my language, but were not remotely interested in growth, change or the betterment of their lives and subsequently not that of mine either.

Here’s what happened. I changed my perspective. I was never alone, I was lonely. And I’ve learned that when you have a great calling on your life, when you know your purpose and are living it out, when you are responsible for others living in their purpose, when you are clear on your visions and diligently working toward your goals, loneliness is a small price to pay for all the amazing things that God has destined you for.

You see with the trillions of people on planet earth that God could have given my gifts to, He gave them to me. And those gifts are not for me, they are for Him, for His glory, to fulfill His purpose for my life, in the service of His people. And because he gave the vision to me, I cannot and should not expect anybody else to see or understand the vision. That is where the loneliness comes in at, you see when you understand the calling on your life and make the decision to step into it, naturally things, people and situations that are not aligned with that will fall away. I am A-Okay with that, island living is my thing anyway. (Which is probably why I have such an affinity for the water)

And while I don’t hope for anybody to feel lonely for extended periods of time, if it’s for the reasons that align you with stepping into that thing for which you were created…

Welcome to the RFV Island... Enjoy some island living!

~Marea Michele~





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