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Who Are You? Book

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Who Are You?

Discovering Who You Are, Your Life’s Purpose & True Prosperity

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Do you feel stuck, unfulfilled or disconnected? Does it seem like you may never realize your dreams and goals or live the life you want?

You’ve been very deliberate with life decisions, you have great ideas and vision, you work diligently on your goals, and you are faithful in your obligations. So why are you struggling to accomplish what you’ve envisioned for your life? Perhaps you are unclear on who you are, your purpose in life, or the truth of prosperity.

Who Are You? is a guided workbook with practical exercises and thought-provoking questions that will assist you in realizing who you are at your core being, discovering your life’s purpose, and achieving Whole Life Prosperity.

If you are not at peace with where you are, it's time to do some work. Who Are You waiting on?


3 reviews for Who Are You? Book

  1. 5 out of 5


    “Life changing! Who Are You? quickly put some things into perspective for me, and brought me to some much needed realizations. I now understand the importance of discovering my…I Am.”

    -S. Byrd, USAF TSgt Ret

  2. :

    “This workbook is very timely and relative to my life right now in this third quarter, the worksheets are essential and made me revisit some important questions!”

    -Jacqueline W., Voice-Over Artist

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    “This book is for the rich, middle-class, workingman and celebrity. It’s been an eye-opener for me, I see myself in a whole new way!”

    -Bisi, Professional Beauty Consultant

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