Little Miss Sasha Leigh Smith The Daddy Daughter Dance (Minus the Daddy)
Sasha Leigh Smith is in second grade at Madam CJ Walker Elementary School and she is full of energy, creativity and surprises! She loves drawing, arts and crafts, music and dancing. Sasha has a ka-zillion books and she just loves to read. She has two turtles that she absolutely loves to pieces, Fred and Barney! Her BFF is Savannah, her favorite color is yellow and she always, always, always wears mix-matched socks!

Her older brother Jacobi used to play with her all the time, but not so much anymore since he’s a teenager now. Sasha doesn’t mind though, cause for a second grader, she sure does have a lot going on and she keeps herself busy….all the time!

Life was going as smooth as peanut butter until Sasha got the weekly newsletter that was all about a stupid-dupulous daddy daughter dance. And of course Sasha has a “father” but nope, no “daddy”. Sasha has a LOT of questions for her mommy and a plan to go to that Daddy Daughter Dance, MINUS THE DADDY!

This 100 page fully illustrated book was co-written by Marea Michele and her then 9 year old daughter Kynnedy to creatively address the issue of absentee fathers in a way that is inspiring to both children and adults!!



Sasha Leigh Smith: Daddy Daughter Dance MINUS THE DADDY is the endearing story of a fun-loving, mix-match sock wearing, 2nd grader who’s father is absent from her life. After learning of her school’s upcoming Daddy-Daughter Dance, Sasha embarks on a stirring journey marked by difficult questions, disappointing discoveries and conquering resilience.

Authors Marea Michele and Kynnedy Rae, creatively navigates questions and dilemmas that arise in the lives of children with absent fathers. The imaginatively illustrated, 10 chapter book offers a youthful, humorous and tear jerking commentary on a subject where the child’s voice is rarely heard. This young author has opened a door for the dialog to begin, to address the disheartening epidemic of absent father families.