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Personal Development Books and Other Growth Work Musings


Self-Paced Online Courses: Healing Trauma • Personal Development and  Entrepreneurship


3-5 Day Growth-Work Intensives in The Georgia & Tennessee Mountains

“THIS COURSE… is food for my soul!! It’s getting me where I’ve been trying to go. I promised myself I would do better with my growth work and this course came right on time!”

Stephanie C. | Healing From The Inside Out

“HFIO has truly brought balance to my being. Thank you so much! This course has not only made me a better person, but a better father and husband. Bravo.”

Gerald M. | Healing From The Inside Out

“This class is so good; you gotta be ready to heal and to do the work. She’s teaching us how to fish, not just feeding us some feel good food for today.”

Jacqueline B. | Healing From The Inside Out

“Marea you are a light shining in the darkness for women. Thank you for providing this retreat. Thank you for the spiritual awakening and insight. You are truly an amazing gift!”

Tamar C. | Red Frame Vision Retreat

Your Turn…You Ready?

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