So you’ve made the decision to take the leap, to implement change, to engage and cultivate growth in the areas of Whole Life Prosperity. At the onset you are excited about your decision, looking forward to what’s next and you’re all in. You’re taking the necessary steps to create the shift, welcoming the movement and adjusting to all the changes.

BUT THEN…you hit the middle. This is where instead of soaring, people often fall flat to the hard ground waiting below. You see the middle is where your preparation, research, diligence and tenacity should show up and kick in. It’s where your parachute opens or fails. The middle is where your commitment, focus and work to this point shows its strength or weakness.

Throughout the years, growth quests and entrepreneurial endeavors have placed me in the middle…on a regular basis. It’s in this space that I’ve learned the most about myself and had some of my largest growth spurts. The middle scares the hell out of me but if you think about it, the middle is half way there, the middle means half of the work has been done, it means I’ve done a whole half of things right that I made it to the middle. So maybe the fear is just to be fuel for a surge of motivation, because it can’t be fear of doubt that I can accomplish that task that motivated the leap in the first place…I’ve proven I can do that; I’m already in the middle.

That’s how I’ve chosen to look at it anyway…

~Marea Michele~

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