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To get where we’re destined to be, many many doors are necessary.

And I don’t know about you…but each time I’m facing a new door there’s a range of emotions and the one that overshadows them all, is gratitude. Not in anticipation for something better, but that the doors that were specifically crafted for me…are there, awaiting my arrival.

Grateful that when I’ve reached the level of alignment and maturity to stand before them, I have the capacity and wisdom…to open them. 

•  •  •

I was created to help others align themselves to the doors awaiting their arrival…when they are ready of course. Are you ready?



Personal Development Books and Other Growth Work Musings


Self-Paced Online Courses: Healing Trauma • Personal Development and  Entrepreneurship


3-5 Day Growth-Work Intensives in The Georgia & Tennessee Mountains

“THIS COURSE… is food for my soul!! It’s getting me where I’ve been trying to go. I promised myself I would do better with my growth work and this course came right on time!”

Stephanie C. | Healing From The Inside Out

“HFIO has truly brought balance to my being. Thank you so much! This course has not only made me a better person, but a better father and husband. Bravo.”

Gerald M. | Healing From The Inside Out

“This class is so good; you gotta be ready to heal and to do the work. She’s teaching us how to fish, not just feeding us some feel good food for today.”

Jacqueline B. | Healing From The Inside Out

“Marea you are a light shining in the darkness for women. Thank you for providing this retreat. Thank you for the spiritual awakening and insight. You are truly an amazing gift!”

Tamar C. | Red Frame Vision Retreat

Your Turn…You Ready?

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